halloween glam🎃🌸

hey guys! I hope you’re all doing great! So since it’s October you know what that means.. Halloween is coming! And I thought why not do some halloween looks. So here it is, my first halloween glam look. It’s inspired by one of my favourite youtubers atm, Mykie (Glam & Gore). She did a look inspired by Lana Del Ray which was amazing, you can check it out here. I hope you guys like this look xx

🎃 for scary/gore looks check my instagram xx (@beautifullyenraved)

So let’s start off with this look!

🎃 EYES 🎃

  • Match Perfection concealer by Rimmel in Ivory for base
  • Summer Yum in the crease to deep-en it up a bit (Sweet Peach)
  • Young & Free  in the crease for the pink shade (Life’s a Festival)
  • Funtasy in and above the crease and lightly on the lid (Life’s a Festival)
  • Delectable in the outer crease and mid and outer lid to make it dark and purple (Sweet Peach)
  • going back n forth with the pink (Funtasy) and the purple (Delectable) in the crease and blending to give that transition effect (pink to purple)
  • A little bit of Tempting, Delectable and Talk Derby in the outer lid and crease to deep-en it (Sweet Peach)
  • cut my crease half way and blended it for the light-to-dark transition effect
  • applied Unicorn Foils on the inner lid (Makeup Revolution)
  • again went back n forth with the Funtasy (crease and above it) and Delectable (out crease and lid)
  • Beamin’ in the inner corners (Life’s a Festival)
  • ended it off with thick winged liner- Miniso’s Big eyes (felt tip liner) and Makeup Revolution Khol liner in the upper waterline and outer corner
  • and mascara of course- Maybelline’s Lash Sensational


  • Morning Glory face oil by hemel-  I’ve been obsessed with this face oil lately, it’s been working great for me. Check out my review on it here.
  • Dream Velours Foundation by Maybelline in Ivory
  • Match Perfection by Rimmel concealer in Ivory 
  • Super Stay powder by Maybelline in Ivory
  • Charmed, I’m Sure from Sweet Peach palette for subtle contour
  • Baby Love by Too Faced for blush
  • Unicorn Tears by Too Faced for highlight
  • Super Stay Matte Ink by Maybelline in 15 lover

*I got my flower crown from Claire’s in sale for PKR1,350/US$10.16

DAS IT GUYS! Thank you so much for reading, much love💗

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