special fx makeup// halloween ’18

hey guys, hope you’re doing great! So I’ve always wanted to try out sfx makeup. Recently I came across a YouTube channel, Glam & Gore and I became completely obsessed with it! Mykie is a glam and special fx makeup artist, so after binge watching a lot of her videos I really wanted to try out sfx. So I thought why not do it since halloween was coming too. These are the looks that I did, hope you like them. xx


This was my first attempt with sfx and in my opinion it turned out to look quite good. I used cotton, latex and diy-ed fake blood. You can check out Mykie’s video for this here.


This was my second attempt with sfx and I fell in love with this one. I used the same stuff for this look too. You can check out the video for this here.


Anndd this was my third try with sfx. This is my favourite so far out of these 3. I used cotton, latex, diy fake blood and black acrylic paint. Also, I did the bruises using red, purple and green eye-shadows all together. You can check out the video for this here.


You’ll need

  1. corn flour/ corn syrup (I used corn flour)
  2. warm water
  3. food colour- red, yellow, green (I used the powdered ones)

First add the corn flour or syrup whatever you’re using to warm water, then mix it well. When you’re done doing that, add red food colour and mix it. Then add very little bit of the yellow and green. Stop adding colours when you’ve got the shade you’re happy with.

The quantity depends on you as when I found this recipe it also didn’t have quantity of anything, only the ingredients were listed. I just eyeballed it and it turned out to be great for me!

If you make more than you had to use, you can store it in the fridge. It does get thicker over time when stored in the fridge, you can always add water to it to make it thinner/ more liquid-ish.

DAS IT GUYS! Thank you so much for reading, much love💗

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