eid: my outfit🌙

hey! hope you guys are doing great😊 Belated Eid Mubarak to all of you, hope your eid went great, mine was really good. This eid I wanted to get something different from the usual. Every single time I try (very hard) to get something different but I'm way too obsessed with ghararas I guess. Anyways, every … Continue reading eid: my outfit🌙


what i wore: eid✨

Okay so I know I'm late to be posting about eid since its been like a few weeks when it happened so like lets just ignore that😊😊😊😊😊 So this eid was like idek like so exhausting and frustrating like not the actual eid I’m talking about eid shopping because I couldn't find good clothes anywhere … Continue reading what i wore: eid✨